Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Inventory

We just got in a bunch of new inventory for the Morinville location. Here's a fairly condensed list of what new stuff we have.

Levy's Straps
We got in over $6000.00 worth of Levy's Straps and gig bags, most of which will be sent to Morinville. Levy's is a Canadian company that makes extremely high quality leather, Suede, nylon, and cotton straps, with embroidery, screen printing, studding, and other forms of graphics. All are hand made in Canada, and are made to not only keep your guitar off the floor, but also to enhance the playing experience by being comfortable, and extremely attractive.

Samson XP308i
One of the most versatile, and convenient portable PA systems on the market today, the XP308i boasts a 300 watt power amp with an 8 channel mixer, and 2 8" speakers. the mixer and chords fit into the backs of each speaker, and the speakers clip together making one incredibly portable package. The mixer is versatile enough to run a full band, and the speakers are loud enough to play any small venues. If you need more volume it has Monitor outputs that allow you to play any size of show with this simple PA. It also has a built in Ipod dock making this perfect for parties or home entertainment. It's not easy being this compact, versatile, and high quality, but Samson pulls it off, while still keeping it affordable.

Vox VT20+ and 40+ modeling amps
These are Vox's idea of an affordable modeling amp, and I think they nailed it! The VT+ series amps all have 99 pre-sets, 3 separate effects channels with 25 total individual effects, a power level knob which gives you the ability to play with any tone, and any volume level, a tuner, 8 programmable channels, and a 3 band EQ. It is also equipped with a 12AX7 pre-amp tube in the power stage giving it true tube tone, which really comes in handy when you are imitating tube amp sounds. The amp obviously has it's drawbacks considering the price bracket it is in, but for anyone starting out, wanting to try out new things, or just looking for a versatile amp to practice with, this more than does the job, and really does sound very good while doing it.

Vox AC30CCH Half Stack
This is a standard Vox AC30 tube amp Head and 4x12 Cabinet with Greenback Celestion speakers. This is a Pro quality amp for serious musicians, playing serious shows. The 30 watt power amp has enough headroom to keep it tight and clean up to very extreme volumes, but the 2 channel design allows for higher gain even at more reasonable levels. Vox's signature tone will blow you away as you get into the higher registers, giving you those sparkling clean  crisp notes, and that brittle Vox crunch as it's overdriven. 

Samson Q7
This is a Handheld dynamic vocal mic, perfect for Stage or studio use. It has a high output Neodymium mic element giving you great quality reproduction of vocals no matter the situation. It is made with a Multi-axis shock-mount design limiting noise from bumps and movement making it even more ideal for stage use. It also comes with a carrying case and a mic clip just to top it all off. 

Vox AC1 Rhythm Vox
This is an extremely small, portable, battery powered practice amp. It's great if your on the road a lot or just dont have much space or need much volume. It is also equipped with a drum machine that produces 66 different drum patters for all styles of music. You can control the speed and volume of the drum section separately, which makes it a great companion for anyone in need of someone to jam with. It is extremely useful for learning lead, practicing your timing, or writing new songs if your lacking inspiration. There is also a Bass version which is great since it's so important to practice your timing when playing bass, and this is way easier and more fun to play with than a metronome. 

Parker  624RB
This is a US built electric with 3 Seymour Duncan pick-ups, Parker's patented bridge, Ghost Piezo saddle pick-ups, Schaller locking machine heads, an ebony fingerboard, and a carved alder body. Parker guitars are the Lamborghinis of the guitar world, by which I mean that they are very modern and edgy looking, with sleek bodies, flawless finishes, lots of features, and extreme power... but most of all it's fast! The non finished, extremely thin neck, combined with the high quality ebony fingerboard gives you the ultimate playing surface, allowing for extremely fast playing with almost no effort. Many of the models have Carbon fiber fingerboards adding that extra little bit of stability and speed to the guitar. The Ghost Piezo system gives the guitar a much more wooden feel, and a more resonant, vibrant texture to your tone. You can run just your magnetic pick-ups, just your Piezos, or both at once, giving you a huge variety of tones to play with. but beyond that, you can also use the special chord it comes with to run your magnetic pick-ups out to an electric amp, and your piezo out to an acoustic amp or PA-system, allowing you to switch seamlessly between acoustic guitar sounds and heavy electric sounds. 
   Remember that for all of June you can special order these or any Vox, Korg, Warwick, Samson, Hartke, Washburn, Hagstrom, or Studiologic product and get 15% off. Or if you spend more than 1500.00, get 20% off, and over 3000.00, you'll get 25% off. Be sure to take advantage of these incredible offers while you still can. 

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