Thursday, May 31, 2012

Update on what's new in Morinville

Over the last few weeks we have been stocking up the new location with as much inventory as we can. Some of the things we have sent out to them are:

Hagstrom Tremar HJ-500 jazz guitar
Hagstrom Ultra Swede
Blade Texas Standard Pro swiss built strat copy
Blade Delta Classic swiss built tele copy
Vox AC4TV 4 watt tube amp
Hagstrom MOCON mahogany topped acoustic
Washburn WIN14B entry level electric
Vox VT40+ modeling amplifier
Warwick BC20 and 80 bass combo amplifiers
Aria AD-80 Dreadnaught acoustic

and much much more!
soon we will have over $2000.00 worth of guitar straps and gig bags from Levy's, some digital pianos, more entry level electrics, acoustics, classicals, and basses, some of our new Parker electrics, Hagstrom acoustics and electrics, and a large assortment of ernie ball and Martin guitar strings.

Be sure to stop by regularly to check out whats new before its gone!

Mora Concert

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